The Campaign will take much of its material from the “Savage Tide” series in Dungeon Magazine, so unless you want to spoil some of the story, it’s best you keep your nose out of Dungeon for a while. I will throw in a lot of my own ideas that I’ve been developing over the past few months, but Savage Tide will help a lot in setting the backdrop and keeping the story moving between my mostly unconnected ideas, so you’ve been warned. I am converting the adventure path as written in Dungeon to the Forgotten Realms for lots of reasons, but primarily because I own a lot of Realms source material that I don’t wish to go to waste. We play on a (really freakin’ huge!) mat with miniatures, including a really neat 4-layer miniature ship I purchased recently. Players are not required to provide their own miniatures for their characters, although of course that is encouraged. I have plenty of figs for general use, and all are welcome to them for the purposes of representing themselves.

As a side project, I'm also working on a website the highlights the miniatures I'm using for the campaign.  You can see that website here:



Savage Tad